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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Save the earth” is perhaps the most egotistical, delusional thing humans have ever come with up with; (and we’ve come up with lots of those).

The earth does not work so hard growing trees that give us oxygen just for us to breathe in, and then exhale that nonsense.

The earth is no Titanic; no sinking ship. There will be no lifeboats leaving it behind.

If the earth were the Titanic: Jack, Rose and everyone else would drown. Then the ship would unwreck itself.

It would wake up, roll out of the sea-bed and go right on sailing, like we never happened.

See, the earth doesn’t need us. In fact, it’d be better off without us – and our mess.

We talk about the earth like it’s a baby in a burning building. When in truth: earth IS the burning building (with rad self-healing capabilities), and humankind is the baby (being suffocated by the smoke from a fire we started).

This awesome one-of-a-kind planet is not depending on us. We depend on it.

“Save the earth” is a ridiculous translation for: “Help! We’re making the only planet we can actually live on, uninhabitable!”

Even google translate would do better.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m an advocate for every positive action the “Save the earth” spiel encourages.

I’m only asking that we be realistic. This is not a charity. We are not doing the earth a favour. Every creature is a vital part of our optimum survival. (I mean, we all know what’s going to happen if we keep messing with the bees)

Besides, do we really want to be remembered as another generation who didn’t care about the people coming next? If you don’t want our chapter in the History books to be named “The Hypocrites”:

Prove it.

Turn off the light you’re not using. Call out the people you see littering. Sign a petition. Share this blog post.

Because the earth does not need saving. We do.

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